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Freed Reads

Freed Reads™ is the world's first sustainable ‘natively web-based’ book streaming service.
Our unique technology turns your web browser into a fully fledged reading system, all without needing to install an app or download an ebook. This means that you can start reading an entire book immediately, anywhere in the world and on any device of your choosing – all for FREE!

Yes, all the books listed in our catalog are free but our authors still get paid for publishing them with us! We're able to make this possible using a discreet and relevant advert that is displayed at the bottom of the screen while reading each book. These are tastefully executed from a reader's point of view with the adverts running independent from the book itself and never obscure what's being read.

Freed Reads™ for Readers

Freed Reads loves reading just as much as you do, so prepare yourself for a glut of amazing books across all genres and suiting all age groups. All our books are reviewed and formatted before they're displayed in our waterfall style catalog and it's as easy as clicking on a title that catches your eye to begin reading.

At Freed Reads, we have 3 types of readers: Installing e-Reader Face?

  1. The Freed Virgin: this reader has seen a friends tear-out and share book page on their social feed (see our tear-out and share feature below) or has by chance stumbled upon a book in our catalog via a web search. They've dropped by looking for a bit of reading fun! We understand that their first time is so full of excitement with the amazing books and features available, so even if they accidentally close their web browser without signing up for a Freed Account - their bookmarks and favorites lists are still saved on their device whenever they choose to continue reading.
  2. Freed Account Holder: this reader is over their first time jitters and wants more. By signing up with Freed Reads, our account holders are free to explore all our amazing books and features, while maintaining their settings and bookmarks across multiple branded devices.
  3. Freed Premium Account: this reader gets all the benefits and features of the Freed Account Holder. But for only for a small monthly subscription fee they're able to read all books advert free!

Our growing list of features:

    Tear Out and Share
  1. Readers enjoy seamless access to each book's first chapter without having to swipe through loads of unnecessary pages.
  2. Your exact position in each book is automatically bookmarked! If sign up you get bookmarking across all your devices.
  3. Books responsively adapt to your screen orientation and size to enhance your experience - without ever losing your place.
  4. Create a list of books you're currently reading OR can't wait to read.
  5. Like books you've enjoyed reading and then follow up later with a star rating.
  6. Share books or individual book pages you love with your friends all over social media using our Tear-Out and Share feature.
  7. Support your favorite authors via our Author's direct Donation system.

Freed Reads™ for Authors and Publishers

The Freed Reads philosophy breaks new ground in the world of books by addressing the common failings of traditional ebooks and their printed counterparts. We focus on delivering a superior overall reading experience while taking advantage of the accessibility, social-media and dynamic advertizing capabilities of a web-based solution. Combine these features together and Freed Reads becomes a powerful marketing tool for authors and publishers.

We offer authors and publishers quick, easy, safe and free ways to publish their books with our web-based book streaming system. With us, our authors and publishers have complete control over their books, while retaining the all the rights to their work with our NON-EXCLUSIVE publishing licence.

See how earnings are calculated and new ways of earning in our FAQ below...

Publishing Options:

  1. Express Publishing: Authors and publishers submit their books directly to us for hassle-free uploading, free of charge. Our servers support all Word .doc and ebook formats and automatically applies padding, fonts, indentation, italics and the tasteful capitalization of the first letter of each chapter too.
    In short - we prepare your manuscript for you in its entirety!

  2. Self-Publishing: This option is for authors who want to use our built-in tools to control the look and feel of their books. This ultimately it gives the author total control but does take longer to set-up and to submit.

  3. Re-Publishing: No Digital Copies? No Problem! Freed Reads has access to high speed tesseract OCR scanning facilities which will professionally re-format your books before it's published. For the time being, we're providing this service free of charge to authors and publishers – the only cost to you will be postage in getting your books to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Freed Reads™ is a small Australian company based in Perth, founded by Andy and Megan Futcher, two dedicated bibliophiles with a passion for getting the world reading again.

For more information please see our About Us Page.

What is Freed Reads™?

Freed Reads is a web-based book streaming service. Our platform is open to all readers, authors and publishers. Books listed with us are available to anyone in the world and can be accessed and read on any digital device, all for free! Authors and publishers have complete control over their work, while retaining their ownership rights.

What is book streaming and how do I read books on Freed Reads™?

Book streaming is digital books taken to the next level. Streaming a book gives you the ability to read books in 'real time', instead of downloading a file to your device or installing an app and reading it later. Freed Reads turns your web browser into a complete online reading system which adapts to your screen size. This means that you can start reading an entire book immediately, anywhere in the world and on any device of your choosing, straight from your web browser. To start reading a book from our catalog, all you need to do is click or tap on a book cover of your choosing. From there, you can read at your leisure and when you need to turn a page, either swipe or scroll – we even bookmark the page you're reading automatically for you!

What does it cost to publish with Freed Reads™?

Publishing with Freed Reads is FREE! There are no hidden fees. The only fee we do charge is in the case of authors only having hard copies of their books – the only cost will be them getting their books to us for scanning.

How do I sign up with Freed Reads™?

Whether you're a reader or an author signing up for an account with Freed Reads is easy and free. Keeping things simple, we've provided one sign up feature for both readers and authors. Once you've signed up, you will find a user drop down box that gives the following options: 'My List', 'Settings', 'Go Premium', 'Publishing Tools' and 'Sign Out'. To publish with Freed Reads just click the 'Publishing Tools' option and you will be guided through our process step-by-step.

How does Freed Reads™ reward it's authors and publishers?

Our founding objectives are to make reading free and accessible to readers all over the world, provide a fair remuneration to authors and publishers and last by not least, promote and encourage the reading of books as a global pastime.

We pay you in US dollars by a direct PayPal deposit, approx 15 days after each quarter. Freed Reads authors and publishers get paid for every page of their book that is legitimately read. Our servers have systems which detect un-readerlike activities.

Freed Reads authors and publishers earn 70% net proceeds from royalties from all in-book advertizing within your books. These earnings are calculated per-page served – the more readers read your books, the more you earn from the advertizing displayed. The proceeds from in-book advertizing are calculated at a flat rate, regardless of who you are, as an author or publisher and where in the world you're located. Freed Reads believes in giving everyone a fair go and we've worked tirelessly to strike a balance between rewarding our authors and publishers fairly for their books while simultaneously empowering our readers.

Furthermore, Freed Reads authors and publishers have the opportunity to earn 70% royalties from our monthly subscribers. This revenue is calculated per-page pro-rata as a fixed-cost substitute for the advertizing revenue.

And finally, readers can leave their favorite authors a tip for a job well done. Authors can also get flattered for their creativity through their Flattr accounts. Authors retain 100% of both these donations and they will be deposited directly into their PayPal accounts.

How does Freed Reads™ calculate each authors earnings?

Each book category earns a particular RPM (revenue per 1000 impressions) from banner advertizing. 70% of the total earnings for that entire category is then divided evenly by the number of pages served when compared to the other authors in the same category. This data is collected by combing our automatic bookmarking system and page serving technology to accurately measure the actual pages “read” by each user.

So What Does This Mean For You?
Our authors will be well remunerated for listing your books with us because our advertizers share a more valuable screen space; with almost no chrome or distractions other than the book itself. Our advertizer telemetry shows that in 1st world countries we are exceeding RPM earnings required to pay authors an equal if not better earning “per-page read” as other book reading Apps & schemes pay-out. This means that authors always earn something from each and every page read; even from the poorest of countries.

Additionally we will be releasing regional data along with the average payout per category for each annual quarterly payment cycle.

Does Freed Reads™ require exclusive rights?

No. All our author and publisher contracts are non-exclusive. Our authors and publishers retain 100% ownership rights to their work and are free to publish their work on any additional platform of their choosing. Authors and publisher can also remove their work from Freed Reads at any time should you choose to do so.

How does Freed Reads protect an author's work?

Freed Reads believes strongly in giving our authors the ability to protect their work from plagiarism and piracy. Our systems have been uniquely developed so that everything is cloud-based and can't be downloaded or copied. Digital Right Management (DRM) is not a concern for authors with Freed Reads because books are transmitted as images, making it impossible for readers to copy and paste any part of your book.

What's an ISBN and do I need one?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It's a 13-digit number that's used to uniquely identify your book among millions. When you submit your book for publishing with Freed Reads there is a section for authors and publishers to insert their ISBNs.

Why isn't there a traditional copyright page at the beginning of books published with Freed Reads?

All your books traditional copyrights, ISBNs, dedications and acknowledgements are included in your books page meta-data and readers can access this information via their web-browsers 'page info' window. Additionally readers who like or rate your book are displayed a personalized page with your dedications, donations and any social widgets.

There are two main reasons for this approach; firstly to enhance the readership experience so readers don’t have to flick through unnecessary pages before enjoying your content and secondly because authors earnings are calculated from every page that is read. Read more on how our payouts and advertizing is rate-limited to ensure fair compensation for all authors.

How does Freed Reads™ advertizing work?

The in-book advertizing runs at the bottom of the screen and is never larger than a sixth of the screen space. From a reader's point of view, the advert is independent of the book itself and never obscures the written text. We've also given our readers the ability to 'hide' adverts by temporarily collapsing them using the little 'X' at the top of the displaying advert. Utilizing tailored advertizing channels provided by Google AdSense, Freed Reads delivers and will continue to improve a substantial return on the adverts displayed on each page to our authors and publishers. The type of adverts displayed to our readers are based on geolocation, a book's metadata and the specific genre the book falls into.

Please Note: clicking your own adverts will NOT increase your earnings and could even reduce the payout from the book advertizing channel.

Who can publish with Freed Reads™?

Freed Reads believes that daring to be different reaps its own rewards and we're passionate about supporting anyone who has a story to tell! We support traditionally published authors, indie and self-published authors, and publishing houses – large press, small press, vanity or otherwise. In the fight against piracy and plagiarism, Freed Reads does however, require our authors and publishers to have full rights to the books they wish to publish with us.

How does Freed Reads™ fairly maintain overall book quality?

Before books are added to our catalog, they're thoroughly reviewed for any major formatting issues by the Freed Reads Team. Once published, our books are optimized purely on the “Reader's Choice” principle - we do not influence your books ranking in any artificial way. We've given our readers the ability to 'Like' books and once they have progressed far enough through a book, readers can give it a star rating! In general books of a higher quality will average a higher position in the waterfall.

What is the Freed Reads™ Tear-Out and Share feature and how does it work?

The Tear-Out and Share feature gives our readers the ability to safely and easily share a specific page from the book they are currently reading with friends from up-to eight different social media platforms. This helps authors broadcast their work and allows readers to share their experiences with their friends and family. If anyone engages with those social posts they are directed back to your book on Freed Reads.The Tear-Out and Share button is displayed discreetly at the top left corner on every book page. Sharing is as simple as tapping or clicking the icon and then deciding whether you want to share the book cover or a specific page and to which social media site you would like to share it on.

How does Freed Reads™ technology actually 'stream' books?

We've developed a unique approach to streaming each individual book page by literally 'rendering' book pages and serving them out to readers on-demand using a format commonly used by billions of websites to draw vector icons. We provide our readers with lossless textual quality, high-definition character integrity and natively supported data-compression. The results of combining all these technologies is a great reading experience, economical bandwidth usage and extremely diverse hardware support – maximizing compatibility and reducing cost of accessibility for each book.
The benefits of our platform are two-fold as traditional text-based websites – and indeed current ebook file formats - carry with them the textual work of each book in it's entirety, ours don't. Because our servers provide per-page vector rendering with no actual copy-able text to speak of, we address the needs of readers and authors simultaneously. The result is Freed Reads provides a much safer methodology with which to transport books over digital mediums and a strong resistance to all forms of plagiarization.