Self Publish

Self Publishing

Self Publishing Your Book

Freed Reads believes that the preparation of your eBook can be [almost] as fun and rewarding as writing your book in the first place! For this we have developed our own special book editing tools - built into your Freed Reads account - that allow you to do the following:

Freed Reads account are duel-purpose by default; you can use your account for reading with all the benefits and publishing your work by selecting the option from the drop down menu.

Publishing Options:

  1. Self-Publishing: This option is for authors who want to use our built-in tools to control the look and feel of their books. This ultimately it gives the author total control but does take longer to set-up and to submit.

  2. Re-Publishing: No Digital Copies? No Problem! Freed Reads has access to high speed tesseract OCR scanning facilities which will professionally re-format your books before it's published. For the time being, we're providing this service free of charge to authors and publishers – the only cost to you will be postage in getting your books to us!